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What is IaconHub?

by yakko » Sun Oct 30, 2011 2:40 am

At its core, IaconHub is the longest running live chat focused on Transformers (also other cartoons and pop-culture topics). IaconHub is based off the Direct Connect protocol, and we recommend using DC++to connect to it. If you use a Mac, we have found that Shakespeer and Jucy are both good clients to use.

The clients can be downloaded from their websites linked above, and we recommend checking out the DC++ tutorial. The address to use for IaconHub in DC++ or other Direct Connect clients is hub.iaconhub.com:1984.

We also support IRC and welcome people to join our chat via our web chat, or in the IRC client of your choice by connecting to irc.iaconhub.com:6667 channel #iaconhub.

Questions about Direct Connect? Looking for something? Try the IaconHub web site and help forums!!
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