SDCC News - Larry King interviewing Peter Cullen

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SDCC News - Larry King interviewing Peter Cullen

by yakko » Thu Jun 28, 2012 3:56 pm

Do you ever sit and wonder what Larry King has been up to since leaving his CNN show? Wonder no more! The Hub just announced on their Facebook page that King will be interviewing Peter Cullen at SDCC this year. The interview is titled “OPTIMUS PRIME: Up Close and Personal” and will be Friday, July 13th at 6PM in room 23ABC at the convention.
The panel description reads:
In this panel, "The King of Interviews" salutes the beloved Cullen and takes attendees through the actor's early days on the original 1984 animated TV series “Transformers Generation One,” the three box office smash Transformers movies, and his current work on The Hub TV network's Daytime Emmy® Award-winning animated series “Transformers Prime” from Hasbro Studios. Audience Q&A to follow.

The rest of the Hub SDCC schedule can be found here.


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