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Transformers Club Store reopening

by yakko » Tue Jun 05, 2012 9:24 pm

Fun Publications just sent out the e-mail below about the reopening of the club store. All stock leftover from BotCon will be sold, but with limits initially.
Hello all,

Today we will be uploading our new set of store templates and testing them. Hopefully, if we don't find any major errors, we will be turning on the left over BotCon products, Runamuck, and other club items around noon CDT tomorrow.

Please note that you will be limited to ONE Runamuck and ONE Convention Pack (below) until we see how demand goes. Do not place a second order until we allow you, as we can see all of our orders by member and will cancel the order and charge a cancellation fee.

2012 Transformers Club Exclusive Runamuck (1 pc) $32.00

2012 BotCon Souvenir Combo Pack (Octopunch & Spinister 2pk, 2012 Comic Program, Trading Card Set) 4 pcs $110.00

We want to ensure that as many people as possible are able to get these pieces first hand without having to go to the secondary market. IF WE DON"T SELL OUT, as soon as the flurry abates, we will remove the limits.

I'll send out another email and we will tweet when the product is live.

Thanks for your patience!


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