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End of the road

So hey. If you're seeing this, we're not really here any more.

IaconHub started in 2001 and while I've only met a couple of you in person, I still count many of you as my friends. If only we all had the free time again that we had in those days, but life and other interests happened.

The IaconHub hub server will probably be going offline sooner or later. I can't really justify the cost of the server much longer and I'd rather kill it than letting it sit neglected. The website will be cleaned up and forums removed since they've been broken for a long time too. There's a group on Facebook if you still want to be in touch with some of us, just search for IaconHub and you'll find it.

While you're here, I'd like to share a project that I have been working on for the last few years. I started TransMissions Podcast in 2013 with a few other guys and we've been having a blast talking about Transformers toys and comics. Check us out at https://transmissionspodcast.com. If you're still interested in Transformers chat, we've got a Discord server set up at https://transmissionspodcast.com/discord/
It's not IaconHub, but there's some good people in there and some fun chat.

Thanks for all the great times!

Jeremy (Yakko)

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